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2019 - 01 - 26
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Only by constantly innovating,standing at the advanced technology which can build high quality vacuum cooler.
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As the new year approaching, the company ushered in a batch of customers to visit our factory.
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A new generation of high-end cooked food vacuum cooler has been successfully shipped. This model leads the domestic industry standard.
2018 - 10 - 09
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The CEO of the Middle East major customer who owned a private jet brought his secretary visit our company to inspect the customized flake ice machine and vacuum cooler.
2018 - 02 - 27
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Mexico agent come and visit our company to inspect the vacuum cooler,then we picking fresh strawberries together in the strawberry garden for cooling.
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Listing Date:2017-04-09
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The technical characteristics of ICEUPS ready food vacuum fast cooling machine
With fast development of economy and continuous progress of society, the living standard of people is increasingly improved, so that the sanitation of ready food is immensely strict, forming the scale production and concentrating distribution center.

The steamed,boiled and cooked food such as rice, vegetables and meat will be propagated and infected with bacteria between the temperature 30℃~60℃ if the temperature can’t drop quickly. The natural cooling time is too long so that the the living place of bacteria infection and reproduction is very high, which makes food easy to deteriorate,revert and corrupt.

Traditional cooling method is natural cooling or cold store cooling. Traditional cooling time is too long and temperature difference between inside and outside is big, which may easily cause secondary pollution of food and bacteria exceeding standard.However,vacuum rapid cooling is a kind of quick evaporative cooling technique.

It puts oven-fresh deli into hermetic vacuum chamber, through vacuum depressurization,making food moisture fast evaporative cooling in low pressure to cool food.

Through vacuum fast cooling machine, it only needs 10-25 minutes to cool about 90℃ deli fast falling to around 25~0℃. It effectively stride over bacteria propagating period in 30℃~60℃, avoiding the space of bacteria infection and propagation to keep color, aroma and taste. It rapidly and effectively prolongs warranty period of food.


The technical features of of ICEUPS ready food vacuum fast cooling machine
Fast cooling speed: it only needs 10-25 minutes to make food cooling from 100℃ to room temperature. To cool below 10℃ needs around 25 minutes,which has enormously production efficiency. By fresh gale, it needs 5 hours to cool. By cold store, it needs more than 10 hours to cool.

Cooling temperature on average: as food cooling temperature depends on vacuum degree in vacuum chamber. The vacuum degree (pressure value) in vacuum chamber is equating, so the temperature inside and outside the food is balanced.
Vacuum cooling avoids secondary pollution to food. After finishing vacuum cooling, it needs to re-press air inflow. As the air inflow is filtrated, the filled air in cooling chamber doesn’t contain dust and suspended solids, which can avoid bacteria and suspended solids in the air to do secondary pollution to food.
No bacterial pollution: under the cooling process of sealed and vacuum state, the cooled deli is sanitary and hygeian.
Quality improvement of deli: As the cooling time is short, it can furthest avoid oil oxidation and starch dextrinization of food materials under high temperature.

Green food: vacuum cooling effectively avoid bacterial reproduction of food in the process of temperature-fall period at 60℃~30℃. It can make deli not to add corrosion remover, becoming real green food and prolonging storage life, nutritive value and flavor.
Superior performance: the floor space of vacuum cooling equipment is small, without any pollution, directly installed in deli producing workshop,safe and hygeian.
Intellectualized system: Through pressure transducer,it can control the pressure of refrigerating system and vacuum system, convenient to adjust vacuum degree of vacuum cooling machine and for remote control and convenient for monitoring equipment operation and rapidly solving equipment failure. 


Application range of ICEUPS ready food vacuum fast cooling machine

Fried vegetable series: leafy vegetable, stem vegetable, cauliflower, fungus mushroom dish, fragrant-flowered garlic, asparagus lettuce, kidney bean etc.

Cooked food series: Halide products(chicken, duck), cooked meat,

 tribute ball, steamed bun, steamed stuffed bun, bean products etc.

Quick meal series: all kinds of fried dish (meat diet, vegetable plate), rice, various conditioning dish etc.

Staple food series: rice, noddle, steamed bun, corn, dumpling, sushi, preserved fruit etc.

Deep-fry food series: deep-fry beef, croquette etc.

Baking food series: mooncake, cake, bread

Stuffing material series: mooncake filling, glue pudding stuffing, conditioning food etc.

Power supply: Standard voltage is 3P~50HZ~380V

Customer can customize non-standard voltage: 3P~60HZ~200V/220V/400/440V

Operation condition: environment temperature is -5℃~39℃. Evaporating temperature is -15℃. Condensing temperature is 70℃.

If the data needed in the site beyond parameter range, ICEUPS R&D team will customize for you.








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