Today we have 1 pallet vegetable vacuum cooler shipped to Vietnam. To precool fresh lettuce.

The vacuum cooling machine is one of the fastest ways to reduce the internal temperature of your fresh product from field temperature to ideal storage temperature. Iceups vacuum cooler​ a shorter processing time, extended product shelf life, improved product quality, and safety. Vacuum cooler/prechill equipment is not cold storage equipment, but pre-cooling processiong equipment before cold […]

Our new generation high-end tube ice machine was sent to Guizhou vegetable base

Our new generation of high-end tube ice machine was sent to Guizhou vegetable base. Originally, saltwater ice was mainly used for transportation and preservation of vegetables. Now, many customers have begun to use tube ice slowly. The dissolution is more constant, the efficiency is higher, and the preservation of vegetables lasts longer.

Flake ice machine 15 ton/day test prior to the lead time

Flake ice machine testing in ICEUPS factory before shipping to customer. APPLICATION: Commercial flake ice machine is widely applicable in supermarket preservation, seafood restaurant, food processing, fruit and vegetable preservation, certainly makes the seafood, meat and meat products more fresh.Design, Craft, Material: ICEUPS industrial flake ice system is designed with intelligent PLC control system, stable […]