ICEUPS 5 Ton Flake ice machine for concrete cooling

ICEUPS 5 ton flake ice machine ship to Costa Rica for concrete cooling project. Flake ice are used very widely in these field: Aquatic products processing Meat/fish/seafood processing & preservation Fishery industry Long range fishing (use on boat) Slaughter processing Concrete cooling Vegetable preservation Supermarket or other commercial use Cold storage project Temperature reduction project Artificial snow ice skating rink […]

ICEUPS 10 Pallets Vacuum cooler installed in customer’s Vegetable Farm

ICEUPS 10 pallets vacuum cooler installed near in customer Vegetable Farm. Vacuum cooling machine is a must for fresh leafy vegetables after harvest. After vacuum cooling processing, vegetables temperature could be cooled down from about 40℃ to 8℃-0℃ within 30 minutes. Quickly remove field heat. That could keep vegetables fresh, extend shelf life and maximize revenue.

Why baked food cooked food need vacuum cooling?

ICEUPS vacuum cooling machine is the most effective cooling method. It can quickly and evenly cool the food above 90 degrees to room temperature within 10 minutes, and also it can maintain the color, freshness and taste of the food, and also keep the food clean and hyginenic.

ICEUPS 6 Pallets Vacuum Cooler Shipped to Costa Rica

ICEUPS 6 pallets vacuum cooler vacuum cooling machine shipped to Costa Rica for lettuce precooling and processing, and for other leafy vegetables rapid cooling. The processing capacity is 6 pallets (about 3000kg) per cycle. Vacuum Cooler is a kind of cooling equipment which use for fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers rapid cooing after harvest. It’s the […]

30KG Cooked Food Vacuum Cooler

WHY DO COOKED FOODS NEED FAST COOLING?♦ It only takes a few minutes for food to cool from 100°C to room temperature♦ The food heat is sucked out from the inside out, and the temperature inside and outside is even♦ Rapidly jumping 35℃~60℃ bacterial breeding temperature♦ Does not change the original taste and color of the food♦ Extend the shelf […]