ICEUPS 10 Pallets Vacuum cooler installed in customer’s Vegetable Farm

ICEUPS 10 pallets vacuum cooler installed near in customer Vegetable Farm. Vacuum cooling machine is a must for fresh leafy vegetables after harvest. After vacuum cooling processing, vegetables temperature could be cooled down from about 40℃ to 8℃-0℃ within 30 minutes. Quickly remove field heat. That could keep vegetables fresh, extend shelf life and maximize revenue.

ICEUPS 6 Pallets Vacuum Cooler Shipped to Costa Rica

ICEUPS 6 pallets vacuum cooler vacuum cooling machine shipped to Costa Rica for lettuce precooling and processing, and for other leafy vegetables rapid cooling. The processing capacity is 6 pallets (about 3000kg) per cycle. Vacuum Cooler is a kind of cooling equipment which use for fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers rapid cooing after harvest. It’s the […]