Flake ice machine testing in ICEUPS factory before shipping to customer.

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Commercial flake ice machine is widely applicable in supermarket preservation, seafood restaurant, food processing, fruit and vegetable preservation, certainly makes the seafood, meat and meat products more fresh.
Design, Craft, Material:
ICEUPS industrial flake ice system is designed with intelligent PLC control system, stable running, high-efficiency and simple maintenance.
Our evaporators are made up of SU S304 stainless steel or chromium plated carbon steel. So it will greatly expand the evaporating area and makes the ice more beautiful and dryer by its inner spiral chute design. And it never distorts even long time working in low temperature and low pressure, which greatly increase the working life of the ice machine.

flake ice machine
Second to none evaporator welding

Product Analysis:
Power supply standard: The standard voltage is 380V – 50HZ-3P, we can also customize according to the requirements of global users. Non-standard type such as 60HZ – 200V / 215V / 220V / 415V / 440V / 480V.
The products are also applicable for freshwater, refrigerant is R404A/R22.
Thickness of Flake Ice is 1.5-2.2mm.

Applicable condition: The ambient temperature is -5-55℃ while the water supply temperature is -2-45℃. Standard condition: Ambient temperature is 28℃ and water supply temperature 22℃.

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