ICEUPS 6 pallets vacuum cooler vacuum cooling machine shipped to Costa Rica for lettuce precooling and processing, and for other leafy vegetables rapid cooling. The processing capacity is 6 pallets (about 3000kg) per cycle.

Vacuum Cooler is a kind of cooling equipment which use for fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers rapid cooing after harvest. It’s the most fast and efficient pre-cooling equipment. After vacuum cooling processing, it’s would prolong the shelf life of produce a lot.

Many agricultural products are suitable for vacuum cooling, such as: lettuce, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, kale, coriander, brussels sprouts, cabbage, leeks, Chinese vegetables, coriander, spinach, cauliflower, chard, cut flowers, strawberries, cherries , Blueberries, flowers etc.

Main functions of our Iceups vacuum cooler.

1. Rapid cooling period about 30 minutes per cycle to reach the aimed temperature. It’s can eliminate the field heat of vegetables, fruits and flowers immediately after picking.

2. The temperature is down very quickly and uniform. Both inside and outside keep the same low temperature. Effectively prevent the produce easy to rot and turn yellow caused by the high internal temperature.

3. After vacuum cooling processing, the vegetable and fruit will go to sleep and stop growing and aging, keep fresh.

4. Eliminate excess water in vegetables to prevent the growth of bacteria and rot in vegetable leaves due to excessive moisture.

5. The fruits and vegetables processed by vacuum cooling are fresh, clear in color, delicious in taste, long-term storage, and could sell a good price.

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