The vacuum cooling machine is one of the fastest ways to reduce the internal temperature of your fresh product from field temperature to ideal storage temperature. Iceups vacuum cooler​ a shorter processing time, extended product shelf life, improved product quality, and safety.

Vacuum cooler/prechill equipment is not cold storage equipment, but pre-cooling processiong equipment before cold storage or Cold-chain transportation for leaf vegetable, mushroom, flower, etc.
After vacuum cooling, product’s physiological change slows down, its storage life and shelf life are extended.


1)Vacuum pump group helps to pump & lower temperature faster, save energy also;

2) The imported brand refrigeration accessories ensure the refrigeration effect;

3) The strengthening vacuum box allows forklift to enter at will;

4) Larger condenser to ensure the cooling effect in high temperature weather;

5) Meet the European Union CE and ISO quality certification standards;

6) Standard painting process to keep good appearance and corrosion resistance;

7) One button start, automatic processing, multiple operation modes, suitable for different application scenarios;

8) High efficiency water catcher, multi channel design, better water catching effect and faster cooling;

9) 12 months super long warranty.

Machine is ready to ship.

Use the water cooling, perfet fit the hot tropical regions
Package sealing completed

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