Why baked food and cooked food need vacuum cooling?

With economic development and social progress, people have extremely strict requirements on the hygiene and quality of cooked food. Forming a large-scale production and centralized distribution center.

If vegetables, meat, bread, and other cooked or baked foods cannot be cooled quickly, bacteria can easily breed and affect the freshness and taste of the food.

Traditional natural cooling or wind cooling are very slow and unhygienic.

ICEUPS vacuum cooling machine is the most effective cooling method. It can quickly and evenly cool the food above 90 degrees to room temperature within 10 minutes. And also it can maintain the color, freshness and taste of the food. And keep the food clean and hyginenic.

ICEUPS vacuum cooling machine is a very famous brand in China. We have cooperated with global customers for more than 15 years and have rich experience in manufacturing and exporting. The material of our vacuum cooler machine are high quality 304 stainless steel, this is food grade steel. The compressor and refrigeration parts we use are all international famous brands, such as Bitzer, Danfoss, and Copeland. ICEUPS machine’s workmanship and quality is very good and reliable.

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