1. Quick cooling speed: 20 to 30 minutes to reach the required refrigeration temperature, whereas ordinary cold store need 10 to 12 hours, or longer.Vacuum precooling machine can cooled down the temperature of the vegetables, fruits and flowers quickly after picking them in the field.
2. Uniform cooling: the vegetables, flowers in the vacuum cooling machine can be fast cooling, almost reach low temperature required from outside to inside. Traditional refrigeration process is cold outside and hot inside, the center temperature is difficult to rapid decline, it’s cause the vegetable or fruit to turn yellow or rot from the inside out, not freshness anymore.

3. Fruit and vegetable by vacuum cooling processed is fresh, color clear, clean health, taste delicious, storage long and good price for sale.
4. Fruits and vegetables picked in rainy days or cleaned can also be quickly vacuum cooled, which can also remove surface moisture, which is conducive to freshness preservation.

Learning more about ICEUPS vacuum cooling machine:

Vacuum Cooler

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