We are modern ice machine and vacuum cooler supplier integrating research and development, manufacturing,sales and service. We have independent R & D personnel, perfect testing mode, continuous innovation technology, high quality staff, humanized service system. The company has modern ice maker, vacuum cooler production line and various types of casting processing equipments.

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Our products have flake ice machine, tube ice machine, ice cube machine,block ice machine, automatic freezer, ice evaporator, chillers and hundreds of models, covering many areas of business, food, transportation, shipping, construction, coal, chemical industry, paper-making, nuclear power and so on, which can meet the diversification demand of growing global market .

Why vegetables need pre-cooling?

Rapid cooling period about 30 minutes per cycle to reach the aimed temperature. It’s can eliminate the field heat of vegetables, fruits and flowers immediately after picking.
The temperature is down very quickly and uniform. Both inside and outside keep the same low temperature. Effectively prevent the produce easy to rot and turn yellow caused by the high internal temperature.
After vacuum cooling processing, the vegetable and fruit will go to sleep and stop growing and aging, keep fresh.
Eliminate excess water in vegetables to prevent the growth of bacteria and rot in vegetable leaves due to excessive moisture.
The fruits and vegetables processed by vacuum cooling are fresh, clear in color, delicious in taste, long-term storage, and could sell a good price.

Why do cooked foods need to be cooled quickly?

It only takes a few minutes for food to cool from 100°C to room temperature
The food heat is sucked out from the inside out, and the temperature inside and outside is even
Rapidly jumping 35℃~60℃ bacterial breeding temperature
Does not change the original taste and color of the food
Extend the shelf life of food, avoid adding preservatives to preserve freshness, green food

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Iceups is a China-based Vegetable Vacuum Cooling manufacturer and supplier. We manufacture and supply the world’s no.1 Vacuum Cooling systems in bulk and at reasonable prices. We work with a network of agents and service providers and directly from our main plant.

Our range of products includes:

  1. Vegetable Vacuum CoolingBakery Cooling Freezers
  2. Tube ICE Machine
  3. Seawater Flake ICE Machine
  4. Vacuum Cooler
  5. Bread Cooler
  6. Food Processing Machine
  7. ICE Block Machine
  8. Flake ICE Machine
  9. Industrial ICE Machine

How Does Vacuum Cooling Work?

The fact that a product has been cooled using a unique procedure symbolizes quality to the supermarket buyer or consumer.

Vacuum cooling differs from traditional cooling technologies in that it cools the product from within rather than blowing cold air over it. Here you can also get Vegetable Cooling System in bulk.

The evaporation of water within the product has the dual benefit of quickly reducing field heat while also sealing in freshness. This method is particularly good in decreasing the browning effect on lettuce butts; no other method can provide you with this marketing advantage.

What are the applications?

Vacuum cooling, like other procedures, cannot be used on all types of items, but it is ideal for those that it can. Appropriate items should be leafy or have a high surface-to-mass ratio.

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Vacuum cooling differs from conventional refrigeration in that it is a cold processing device that provides fast, uniform, and clean cooling. When the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is dropped by a vacuum pump, the fast evaporation of water results in a temperature reduction via a vacuum cooler. In most cases, reaching the ideal storage temperature takes only 30 minutes.

Premium Vacuum Cooler for Vegetables

Vacuum Cooler for Vegetables made in China is a fantastic approach to keeping fresh products like leafy greens and flowers cool. In 15-20 minutes, a vacuum cooler can cool down produce from field temperature to roughly 2-3°C. This ensures quality and allows for rapid logistic processing and big volumes.

Exclusive collection of ICE Machine

Iceups is the leading ICE Machine maker designed to generate uniformly sized solid tubular ice with a longer shelf life.

Ice is frozen automatically in the low side freezer’s vertical stainless steel tubes. An accumulator by the side of the top tank circulates the environmentally benign refrigerant Ammonia in the freezer.

Vacuum Cooling for Bread & Bakery

Our customers can take advantage of our Vacuum Cooling for Bread & Bakery in bulk. We are among the most reputable manufacturers of cold rooms, walk-in coolers, and freezers for chilling and freezing purposes.

The Bread Cooling System allow for effective cooling and freezing of the chamber while maintaining a user-friendly structure and design.

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These Vacuum Cooling Machine made in China freezers come with pre-fabricated panels, cam lock in tongue and groove assembly, and are available in various capacities. The food industry, fisheries, hotels, research and development, and pharmaceuticals use these freezers.

Bread Vacuum Cooler

The vacuum cooling technique was created specifically for the baking industry’s demanding applications. This technology readily outperforms any traditional cooling method, resulting in significantly reduced Vegetable Chilling with Vacuum Cooling time and significantly enhanced product quality and shelf life.

Furthermore, the evaporation of product moisture completes and improves the crumb and crust of baked goods. This solution boosts your entire manufacturing line’s capacity, efficiency, and quality.

Key benefits of Vacuum Cooling of Fruits and Vegetables:

  1. Highly Cooling time is reduced
  2. In the production area, there is less room required.
  3. Gives the product extra volume and freshness.
  4. Shelf life is extended.
  5. Gives the product a consistent color.
  6. Increased daily production
  7. Baking time, waste, energy cost, and overall production time are reduced.

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