We are modern ice machine and vacuum cooler supplier integrating research and development, manufacturing,sales and service. We have independent R & D personnel, perfect testing mode, continuous innovation technology, high quality staff, humanized service system. The company has modern ice maker, vacuum cooler production line and various types of casting processing equipments.

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Our products have flake ice machine, tube ice machine, ice cube machine,block ice machine, automatic freezer, ice evaporator, chillers and hundreds of models, covering many areas of business, food, transportation, shipping, construction, coal, chemical industry, paper-making, nuclear power and so on, which can meet the diversification demand of growing global market .

Why vegetables need pre-cooling?

Rapid cooling period about 30 minutes per cycle to reach the aimed temperature. It’s can eliminate the field heat of vegetables, fruits and flowers immediately after picking.
The temperature is down very quickly and uniform. Both inside and outside keep the same low temperature. Effectively prevent the produce easy to rot and turn yellow caused by the high internal temperature.
After vacuum cooling processing, the vegetable and fruit will go to sleep and stop growing and aging, keep fresh.
Eliminate excess water in vegetables to prevent the growth of bacteria and rot in vegetable leaves due to excessive moisture.
The fruits and vegetables processed by vacuum cooling are fresh, clear in color, delicious in taste, long-term storage, and could sell a good price.

Why do cooked foods need to be cooled quickly?

It only takes a few minutes for food to cool from 100°C to room temperature
The food heat is sucked out from the inside out, and the temperature inside and outside is even
Rapidly jumping 35℃~60℃ bacterial breeding temperature
Does not change the original taste and color of the food
Extend the shelf life of food, avoid adding preservatives to preserve freshness, green food

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